Vitamin C Deficiencies in Women

Vitamin C should be fairly available from a healthy diet fruits and vegetables, but it is more common than we think to be deficient. In some cases this is shown by the levels in our blood stream, but vitamin C can be less available than even the blood levels show as there are potential disruptions of our vitamin C nutrition by common health concerns and mistakes. Vitamin C is used for healing. If you are exercising a lot, if you have recently had a medical procedure, or sustained an injury. Vitamin C is important for fighting infections, cancers, and repairing and healing after an injury, and your body will burn through it's usual C supplies if you have had any recent illness or health issue. Not only will adequate vitamin C help the healing, it helps fight the inflammation that causes pain. With the keeping your body from being deficient in vitamin C you can help reduce pain medication use.  Aspirin increases the secretion of vitamin C and thus reduces the ability of your cells to grab and use the vitamin C, thus it is just sent into the urine.  Women who haven't had their vitamin C levels checked might think about getting them measured. This can be measured by a blood level test or a functional tissue test


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