PCOS Patients Need Screening For Metabolic Risks

PCOS patients are often diagnosed when young, begin on a treatment plan, and often not screened for their risks of glucose intolerance, high cholesterol, abnormal other blood lipids cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome. Because of this part of PCOS care should revolve around nutritional management. The Collaborative Ambulatory Research Network of practicing obstetricians and Gynecologists did a survey and found that screening PCOS patients, even by these specialists was lacking. Over half had never ordered a glucose tolerance test as as a work up on their PCOS patients. Their study published in the November issue 2016 of the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology pointed out that based on screening results physicians intervene with nutritional and lifestyle counseling. Based on the fact that many women are not appropriately screened, many women who need to have dietary counseling are not getting that therapy prescribed. The Androgen Excess-Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Society does risk stratify it's patients, rather than recommend universal screening, which would still mean more women should be getting screening. This society recommends repeating screening every 2 years, and the Endocrine Society recommends re-screening people every 3-5 years. At Women's Health Practice we are currently enrolling a study of PCOS patients, and for those interested in this and other women's clinical health research trials, call 217-356-3736.


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