Painful Sex After Childbirth

Childbirth can cause many pelvic floor changes, that will heal, but sometimes need attention to make sure the healing is proper and doesn't cause problems with your sexuality. Between a quarter and a third of women report painful sex after having a child. Unfortunately this is one area of gynecologic care that has not been well studied or much attention given to how to avoid these problems. Basically your gyno gives you the green light to begin to have sex, and not much more information. Some of the main reasons for painful sex after childbirth are: tears, breastfeeding, and episiotomy. Circulatory problems may cause painful sex after childbirth as well. If the trauma of compression, or the location of tears. This can lead to difficulty with dryness, arousal, or painful sex. This condition is more typically caused by conditions other than childbirth. It is termed clitoral and vaginal vascular insufficiency syndromes. Due to poor blood flow from some very complex network of blood vessels deep in the pelvis.Painful sex can also be due to stress and depression, even in the absence of physical problems. It is important to bring up the topic with your gyno as all of these conditions are treatable.For some women the pain with sex after childbirth may mean exercises, for some toning, for some women medicaiton, for some surgery, for some MonaLisa Touch.


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