A, B, C, D, and Now Our Attention is Brought to Hepatitis E

At Women's Health Practice we are finding more of our patients asking about their risk of Hepatitis. We welcome questions, can arrange for testing and can help infected women find treatment This awareness has extended mostly to questions about Hepatitis A, B, and C. We do suggest coming for a lab visit if you need Hepatitis C testing. 
But now there is new attention to the Hepatitis E virus. Hepatitis E virus is through some of the similar ways other infections get transmitted contaminated food and water (undercooked meats), blood transfusions, animal contact, and through mother-to-child transmission in pregnancy. Hepatitis E is of importance to some travelers as there are high rates in some parts of  Asia and Africa.. The disease can
be similar to other viral and viral liver infections with jaundice, feeling poorly, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and fever. Joint pains, itching or rashes can also occur. Blood testing can help determine what you have. A vaccine against Hepatitis E has been developed but is not yet widely available, and travelers should take precautions to avoid contact with local foods and waters in areas that are known to have high rates of infections of hepatitis diseases. Sexual transmission is not as likely, but anyone with high virus levels of any infection could theoretically pass any infection on sexually. Sexually transmitted disease protection is an important part of any infectious disease discussion and be sure to ask how you can be protected.


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