Recovering Faster After Bladder Surgery

Women have alternatives when it comes to fixing incontinence, but the use of a FDA approved sling is still considered on of the best and most successful surgeries. The use of a targeted and very successful new surgery that is for incontinence is enabling women to get back to exercise, work, and sexual activity, very quickly.
Immediately after surgery, the shock to the bladder nerves and the swelling in the area cause the temporary inability of the bladder to function normally. But this literally can last hours to only a few days, and few women will have to wear a catheter home after that sort of surgery. In the past the types of surgeries done, accompanied by very extensive dissection used to require a long dwelling catheter.Then  a catheter was placed through the abdominal wall to allow emptying of the bladder during healing. This is rarely necessary, in fact most women will not use a bladder catheter when they finish the surgery. Most women are able to recover quickly and it is a same day surgery to get bladder incontinence fixed.The best way to recover is to eat well, drink adequate amounts of water, get rest, and take any medications or supplements your physician recommends. The newer operations allow for both intercourse and heavy exercise rapidly, some physicians even say a week. Report any suspected bladder infections to your gyno. Untreated infections can lead to chronic problems, thus rapid reporting of any symptoms is important!


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