Hormone Therapy Facts never Changed, But Rhetoric Around the Research Definitely Colored the Discussion

Were you ever on hormone therapy? Were you ever taken off hormone therapy? Were you ever too scared for hormone therapy? All of this is understandable in light of new findings that politics, and 'alternative interpretations' hampered the interpretation of the Women's Health Initiative study findings. To read about this perspective here are some editorial comments. The good news is that there has been aggressive study of the following menopausal helpful strategies because of this 'misinterpretation' of the risks of hormone therapy:
1. A search for effective bust even safer dosages
2. A search for alternative therapy
3. A better understanding of long term bone health and the risks of alternative therapies
4. Nutritional and fitness management of menopause
5. Non-medication laser therapy for sexual pain with menopause
6. Non-hormonal management of irregular bleeding in perimenopause

All of these have significantly helped women, and thus we have to argue that this was a benefit of the WHI information. For more information, search some of the other posts on this topic in this blog.


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