Defeminization, It's Actually A Medical Condition and Breasts Shrinking May be a Sign of This Condition

Although 'Defiminization' sounds like a political cause or picket-able offense, it's actually a medical condition. The physical examples of defiminization usually are shrinking of the breast and uterus, changes in the fat distribution, followed by loss of the menstrual period. It's most commonly due to rising testosterone levels that can rise very high due to testosterone producing tumors. Typically defeminizaiton occurs first, and then the physical signs of male hormone excess. the signs of male hormone excess could included excess hair growth (chin, chest, lower abdomen, etc), lowering of voice due to the hypertrophy of the vocal cords, and, or clitoral enlargement. Most of these conditions are due to cancerous tumors of the ovary, it may be due to a simple cyst. Being in tune to changes of your hormones is an important way to identify these disorders quickly and prevent any lasting complications. So report any suspected defeminisation, we want to stamp it out in what ever form it takesz


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