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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Mastering the Thigh Muscle Prevents Knee Arthritis in Women

General exercise advice is to build as much muscle as you can to make your metabolism rise, and to make you more fit. Being that the thigh muscle is one of our largest (the gluteus muscle of the buttock, and the lats are actually larger), building your thigh muscle strength will give you a lot of return for your workout!. In a recent study from Austria reported in Reuters Health) they showed that if your thigh  are weak you are more likely to develop knee osteoarthritis. so it is very important to your future mobility as well as your future ability to maneuver a soccer ball, lunge for a backhand, or push off the wall in swimming! Study author Dr. Adam Culvenor, a researcher at Paracelsus Medical University in Salzburg, Austria was quoted about the publication in Arthritis Care and Research, February 8 to say "While our recent study has highlighted the important role of strong thigh muscles in reducing the risk of knee osteoarthritis development, particularly in women, it is not possible to guarantee that having strong thigh muscles will protect women from developing knee osteoarthritis because there are many other factors that play into the disease." Squats are the exercise that can build thigh muscles very successfully, but they should be done carefully. Basic squat position and information can be found at WebMD.  Essentially you want to optimize your quadriceps and hamstring strength. Being able to perform the tasks more easily, take stairs more quickly, and generally feeling like getting your step counts is easier can indicate that your exercises are working, but there are other ways to measure the effectiveness of your training with state of the art bone densitometry body composition testing

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