IV Nutrition Therapy Goals

1IV nutrition has the ability to rapidly give patients levels of nutrition to support their natural physiologic functions that fight diseases, toxins and infections. For some women simple dietary strategies can give them the robust longevity they seek. For other women oral supplements can provide the supporting nutrition they need to their diet. For others, it has been found that iv therepay can be of additional benefit. For those women wondering if they need iv therapy these are possible reasons to discuss this option with a physician: 1) Deficiencies of micronutients 2)Rapid fluid replacement 3)Additional support to fight off heavy toxin exposures such as those found in disposable bottles, cleaning products, or other environmental exposure such as secondary smoke 4) improve healing 5)support exercise program 6) fight off levels of inflammation as well as other functions. The science of how we identify what we are lacking, and how to track therapeutic success is evolving quickly. We all have the ability to live well and live long, and that is the goal of improved nutrition.


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