Chinese Ring IUD in 3-D Ultrasound

Ring IUD seen in 3-D Ultrasound inside the womb
IUDs come in many varieties, some of which do not have strings, such as this IUD. Since it does not have a string to check the position we can use ultrasound. This ring was developed in Germany by Dr. Ernst Grafenberg. It was originally made of silver, but there was some copper contamination of most of their silver which was felt to help it be effective. Now most are stainless steel, and very few women would ever have an allergic reaction to the metal. The stainless steel was origninally made in Shanghai and this the IUD also is called the 'Shanghai Ring.' Although it is shaped like a small coil which forms a solid ring, when placed in the uterus it conforms to the fundus of the uterus which helps it's effectiveness. It is difficult, but not impossible to remove, and many women will select this device because they plan to no longer have children and it can safely be left in the uterus for 20 years or longer


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