Vitamin C For Maximizing Fitness and Sports Performance

The skivvy on Vitamin C is that it is a nutrient which supports our production of collagen, elastin, and the cartilage of our body. For fitness this means the ligaments, the tendons and the joints all need optimum Vitamin C support. Some inflammation in our body is actually a very important process that helps our body fight off infections, cancers, and repair injury. Chronic, up regulated, inflammation however can cause the reverse processes in our physiology and lead to chronic illness and general inability to function. Vitamin C is one such substance that can help repair injured tissues and stabilize their health.   Magnesium ascorbate is a magnesium salt of vitamin C that is instrumental in muscle and joint repair and maintenance, decreases trauma to muscles, and thus reduces the pain of intense exercise and training. Overuse of muscles triggers the release inflammatory proteins and optimum Vitamin C can prevent these inflammatory compounds from being released. Thus a properly administered Vitamin C program can prevent delayed muscle soreness. In addition research studies have shown that the inflammation of joint cartilage which causes osteoarthritis can both be inhibited and reversed by Vitamin C. The disks between the vertebral bodies degenerate and can destabilize contributing to many cases of low back pain. Vitamin C has been shown to be able improve the structural integrity and decrease inflammation of the back disks and thus decrease back pain. In some studies it also reduced the amount of medication that was required for the treatment of chronic back pain. Nutritional intravenous (iv) programs for sports, longevity, and energy all incorporate Vitamin C into the treatment regimen.


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