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Menopause: Making Peace With Change

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Gynecologic and Sexual Heath Is Maintained By Keeing Your Core Healthy and Strong

Our "core" is defined from the pelvic floor to the rib cage. Your gynecologic health is thus intertwined with your core health.  Basically working on core strength stabilizes your pelvis, your back, your abdominal muscles and can enhance sports fitness, sexual health, and the everyday calisthenic tasks including lifting and dishes! The interlacing muscle groups including those s of the pelvic floor, those that wrap around your spine and abdomen, all function together so well that research shows that one single element of the core is 'the most important' component. They all need to be strong! Various core exercises can work to improve your strength and mobility. These exercises will improve your posture, and your posture needs to be maintained to help keep your pelvis healthy. The special way that Pilates has you breathe and suck in the abdomen can recruit little used internal muscles and help you relax the sacroiliac joint. Some women with chronic pelvic pain have tension and spasm of the muscles around the sacroiliac joint, and using proper form to relax this joint can help significantly with pelvic floor health. It's important for a woman to have her spine and pelvis properly aligned. Strength is not maintained if the core is misaligned, but exercising your core can help to straighten the alignment. Data has shown less pain with sex, less pain of endometriosis, fewer menstrual cramps all occur with core health.
Improving your alignment and making your core healthy will pay off in the gym, and at the gynecologist! So next time you are evaluating your fitness routines and classes, don't forget your core!

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