Do You Know Your 'Biotic' Vocabulary

A few years ago a gyno mentioning probiotic to their patient would be met with a pause and a stare, no one had the slightest idea. Sowly but surely it came to be recognized that probiotic food in one's diet, such as yogurt, could help a woman avoid vaginal yeast infections. Now, in the age of anti-aging medicine we have found that probiotics can do a lot more for your overall health than just prevent a few yeast infections, but they are a critical component of fighting off the major causes of poor health including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer to just name a few. Now we talk much more than probiotics when speaking about healing the colonies of bacteria that live within us so they help us be as healthy as we can be. We now speak of pre-biotics and there is a new concept of 'psychobiotic' or certain types of healthy gut bacteria that help to reduce depression and anxiety. It has now been shown that some bacteria release compounds that go to the brain and can act as a trigger to affect the brain and it's own gene expression and function. This work is being done primarily in animal models. Physicians who want to help bring this data to patients talk about the benefits of healthy lifestyle, a healthy 'biotic diet'  as well as ways that you can use vitamins and hydration to make up for dietary deficiencies in the short run. For more information regarding vitamin therapies at Women's Heath Practice, call for an appointment.


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