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Menopause: Making Peace With Change

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Should Your health Care Be Integrated?

It is an important question to ask your physician if your health care should be 'integrated.' In the simplest terms integrative medicine is that which merges the patient, her health care providers, with her lifestyle, her genetics, diagnosis and therapy, with the science behind the delivery of the care. So in short, it is not simple, it is not represented by a single test or medication, and by it’s very nature has to be evolving. Western medicine has rapidly expanded cures for infections, organ failure, trauma, and cancers by applying scientific principles that are used to prove math or physics experiments. To that end they have studied health and disease in a vast but still relative to what we can offer through integrated care an actually much narrower rang of services. Approaching wellness from an integrated approach has literally brought a blossoming to an age of wellness and longevity. Wellness means profiling patient’s genes, gene function, organ performance, metabolism, cancer fighting ability, cognitive powers, as well as fitness levels. For instance, its not enough to have a normal pulse and blood pressure, we want to understand that enough oxygen is getting to the blood stream, to the organs, to the tissue of the organs, and to all the vital cells. Having a health monitor is relatively meaningless data unless it is interpreted. Your temperature is not ‘normal’ if you are unable to raise your body heat appropriately to exercise, nor is it a normal response if you overheat with simple activity. To do this we want to measure health with many new strategies: our biomarkers or health readings and health metrics, our imaging, and of course, our function. Get ready for the new year, integration is coming, and so is improved health!

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