Cardiovascular Disease is a Process Not Diseae, and This Process Is Modifiable

Most physicians track the top 5 causes of CVD as you probably well know if you have had any wellness check ups this past year. The top five causes of what we are now calling the Cardiovascular Process not Cardiovascular Disease are: HTN, obesity, lipids, diabetes, smoking. In truth, there are over 400 well defined risk factors for what has been called CVD, and out of these, at least 25 major risk factors are modifiable factors. CVD is a a whole body generalized physical process due to chronic accumulated aging of tissue due to the oxidation  referred to as oxidative stress, inflammation particularly due to infection (and located specifically in the gut, the brain and blood vessels), vascular immune dysfunction which causes the lining and the walls of the blood vessels to react poorly and thus be a poor conduit of oxygen and nutrients to our body. Some infections, once thought to be very local and self limiting have now been found in artery clogging plaque: chlamydia and H. pylori for instance. The infectious process can cause vascular injury, and an over zealous healing response can paradoxically contribute to the clogging of blood vessels.


Treatment can interrupt the domino effect. Treatment involves targeted, personalized designed treatment, combined with genomics, nutrition, nutraceuticals, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-immunological agents. 


A lot of complexity to understand the basic principals of keeping healthy! But this is what you and your health care provider can work out. A healthy check up reviews more than your pulse, and blood pressure and weight. In 2017 we will be discussing a few more factors! See you soon.


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