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Friday, December 30, 2016

All These Symptoms May Be Due to Something Else, But they Can Be A Side Effect of Thyroid Disease

Dry Hair: Nails can be cracked and brittle
Constipation: In some cases the symptoms of hypo and hyperthyroidism can be similar, but typically women with hyperthyroidism have more frequent periods
Muscle Stiffness: The thyroid gland hormone calcitonin regulates the calcium levels in our body
On Edge: Many mood symptoms can be associated with the elevated cortisol levels triggered by an inactive form of T3 called reverseT3
Irregular Periods
Weight Gain: Normal thyroid levels mean the levels that we find 95% of the population, optimal levels, especially for weight control is a level that we see in 65% of the population
Brain Fog
Dry Skin
Wrinkled Skin
Broken Out Skin: Thyroid disease controls cellular metabolism of the orgnas of the body, and this is our largest organ
Low Libido
Less Intense Orgasms
Cold : body temperature can be lower than 97.6 F
Migrating Pains: as the thyroid gland affects so many organ systems, the symptoms of disease can be variable within the patinet as well
Hair Loss: Low B12 due to deficient stomach acid and elevated cortisol can have wide ranging effects in the woman with hypothyroidism
Lives In Slow Motion
Low Vitamin D: Due to Digestive issues secondary to the thyroid dysfunction this is not absorbed
Anemia: Not specifically caused by hypothyroidism, but does make it worse
Miscarriage: Increased rate in women with low thyroid

So if you have any of these symptoms please be sure to have your health care provider evaluate your thyroid. hadacm.com or womenshealthpractice.com

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