10 Day Fix For Your Diet

January first we often get the question of how a woman can reverse her holiday eating trend and get back to her pre-holiday weight and health. A new study has determined that ten days is a reasonable goal to improve your nutritional parameter. In a new study by Lustig RH, that looked at cutting sugar down out of one's dietary intake for the day, without changing overall calories, positive effects were seen in just 10 days. The study called: Isocaloric fructose restriction and metabolic improvement in children with obesity and metabolic syndrome published in Obesity.  in Oct 2016 underscored what why health care providers have been telling patients to simple sugars in their diet. It has been shown that even in normal weight people cutting down on sugar can reduce your chances of ever becoming diabetic. The positive health effects of reducing sugar intake can to be quite rapid in some groups of individuals. Their study of 43 Latino and African American children with metabolic syndrome, keeping total calories and calories from carbohydrate identical, a reduction from a mean of 28% of calories from added sugar to 10% significantly reduced triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, blood pressure, and fasting insulin within just 10 days. It is a good idea to get some facts: do you have prediabetes, anemia, or B12 deficiency or other nutrition issues that will take more than just improvements to treat. But , one thing we know, 10 days of lower sugar intake, without changing total calories, is a step we can all get behind.


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