The Exercise Prescription: It Cannot Be Given Over the Phone

Fitness is our goal, but fitness is in the eye of: well, it is a matter of discussion. For you, it may be it enough to run a marathon, for another fit enough to have a baby, and for others fit enough to be an ideal body weight. I would venture that we all want to avoid cancers and chronic diseases, and if the right exercise prescription can do that for us, then we should aim for that level of exercise. One thing is clear, it is not possible to be fit without a health evaluation. The right level of vitamins and minerals, in concert with your personal physiology and genetics, is really where you and your gyno should be aiming. The recommendation is to get above 600 MET/week, but those who have the least risk of disease are very active with over 8000 MET/week according to the research by Kyu published in the British Medical Journal. It goes without saying these are some pretty active and fit exercisers! Sleep even earns you some MET, just not very many, MET most accurately applied is measured based on your age, your health, your body mass, and the activity, it is the scientific equivalent of 'calories expended.' to know this level, you have to add up all your calculations.


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