Wellness Wednesdays: First 5 Tests You Should Have if You Have Low Libido

You need good physical, vaginal and emotional health if you are going to have good sex. In 5 simple steps you can be evaluated to see if you are physiologically and emotionally ready for good sex. At Women's Health Practice we suggest the following quick work up. All of these tests are covered by basic insurance plans and all have treatable solutions that will make you healthier as well as your sex healthier
1. Basic vital signs: especially blood pressure check
2. Basic nutritional status evaluation: are you anemic, have B vitamin or D vitamin deficiencies
3. Basic vaginal health exam: the number one cause of poor sex is poor vaginal tissue health
4. Basic emotional health screening
5. Physical exam looking for neurologic, muscular, or fitness reasons of poor health

Once you have had these tests, consider your options. There is a medication called Addyi which is approved for premenopausal women with low libido. And there are treatments to improve vaginal health, arousal with sex, and orgasms with MonaLisa Touch or the O shot. www.womenshealthpractice.com


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