Treatment of Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome Improves Sex For Patient, and Partner

After childbirth, with pounding (such as in aerobics class), with straining, and with aging the sling that is our pelvic floor can weaken. Other causes, but less well recognized, are chronic dieting, insulin intolerance and diabetes, poor muscle health, too little sex, and too few Kegel's exercises. The eventual consequence is known as VRS or Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome. The worst consequence is incontinence, but many women have other, more subtle symptoms of VRS or what is more commonly known as "loose vagina." Some of the more subtle symptoms of loose vagina symptoms are less enjoyment from sex, less lubrication, chronic irritation, chronic bladder or vaginal infections, and symptoms of urinary urgency. Even partners describe sex as less pleasurable when a woman has the vaginal relaxation syndrome. While Kegel's exercises are not invasive, and a core part of what gynos would recommend as good for ongoing health, they are not successful on their with improving the vaginal relaxation syndrome. Most therapies including estrogens, hormonal creams, oral medications, and tightening creams (which haven't been shown to have good efficacy) take awhile for effectiveness, are temporary, and thus require continuous use for effectiveness. Laser therapies have thus gradually become the mainstay of therapy as the results are typically more effective than other therapies, can be used in conjunction with other therapies, and are more long lasting.  Not only odes the laser improve the vaginal wall, but the lagers underneath the vaginal surface show improvement in the density of the collagen, which is the reason for the vaginal tightening. The procedures are also known as laser assisted vaginoplasty. After laser treatment in one study there was actual improvement in vaginal tightening measures, sexual pleasure, and improvement in the partner's sexual satisfaction as well as treatment of the vaginal atrophy.


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