Mediterranean Munchies For Game Day

Mediterranean Diet Basics From the American Heart Association With Food Suggestions for your Game Day Munchies!
  • high consumption of fruits, vegetables, bread and other cereals, potatoes, beans, nuts and seeds: I suggest to save money on game day and make your own trail mix, and throw in some nine grain bread croutons
  • olive oil is an important monounsaturated fat source: add olives to pizza!
  • dairy products, fish and poultry are consumed in low to moderate amounts, and little red meat is eaten: grilling is still great with low sugar bbq sauce on your chicken
  • eggs are consumed zero to four times a week: scrambled egg tortillas can be portable and filling when the morning chill is baking off before kickoff
  • wine is consumed in low to moderate amounts: toast the victory with a bit of heart healthy red wine!


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