Fertility Friday: The Basic Plan for Pregnancy Couples Should Never Skip

When patients present for fertility consultation there is only one question your health care provider should start with: Are you healthy and ready for pregnancy? This means having some basic pregnancy planning laboratory tests, examinations, catch up on vaccinations, begin prenatal vitamins, and get a genetic consultations. For most couples this is a relatively short consultation, a few blood tests and you are going to be ready to try. If you have a trip, especially to an area with Zika cases, then timing of your pregnancy is going to be extra important. If you are planning when to stop your contraception or how to adjust medications for any chronic illnesses it's important to see your gynecologist and your medical health care provider to discuss the safe way to manage those steps.  Then get advice as to when to start tracking your cycles, using ovulation kits or even having fertility testing and treatments.  If  your physician hasn't discussed health pregnancy with you, before you begin pushing the fertility drugs to help conceive, you are putting yourself and your baby at potential risks that can be avoided.


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