Women's Health Wednesday: Menopausal Therapy Means Heart Health Therapy!

The menopausal years and the menopausal transition years are critically important for your heart health and you and your gyno need to have a talk, not only what is happening with your sex drive, your moods, and the hot flashes many women get, but you need to focus on what consequences menopause has on your cardiovascular system. According to a new study called ARIC women have significantly increased risk of heart disease before, during and right after menopause. Markers of inflammation soar, blood sugar control falters, cholesterol and blood lipids elevate, and their waist enlarges. the highest risk years for the most rapid changes are ages 45-60. The consequences can be seen in weight gain, bone loss, poorer vision, more skin wrinkling, and basically all the signs of organ aging due to lower nutrients and more body toxins. This study didn't indicate that hormone therapy was 'preventative' of cardiovascular risk, but it was not powered to look at that, and there is no indication that women were given hormone therapy with respect to their heart health. Some hormone therapy in menopause
has been shown to help improve some of these same cardiovascular risk factors. It is possible to treat and prevent many of these symptoms with other therapies, and it is time that you come in to discuss with your gyno!


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