Top Form Tuesday: Interstitial Cystitis is one of the Few Women's Health Conditions that Qualifies for Medical Marjijauna.

Medical Marijuana has recently come to Illinois. It's important, if you are considering the use of Medical Marijuana, to get as much education as possible regarding the facts about marijuana use, and a fairly comprehensive summary is available on the Illinois Department of Public Health website.  Conditions that qualify for medical marijuana must be shown to have failed other therapies, and have a scientific basis for recommending this therapy. Generally speaking in gynecology there are few indications for the effective medical use of marijuana. Illinois does not have a chronic pain indication, so chronic pelvic pain itself is not a valid reason for medical marijuana prescription in Illinois. Interstitial Cystitis (a bladder pain condition) may qualify. At Women's Health Practice we can evaluate patients for Interstitial Cystitis and treat with available therapies, or review your medical records to establish a new treatment plan. For those with interstitial Cystitis for fail other therapies medical marijuana may be an option.

Once you are determined to have a qualifying medical condition your application to get approved for medical marijuana must include:
To qualify for a patient registry identification card, the guidance from the IDPH website currently says a qualifying patient must:
  • Be a resident of the State of Illinois at the time of application and remain a resident during participation in the program;
  • Have a qualifying debilitating medical condition;
  • Have a signed physician certification for the use of medical cannabis;
  • Complete the fingerprint-based background check and not have been convicted of an excluded offense (a felony under the Illinois Controlled Substances Act, Cannabis Control Act, or Methamphetamine Control and Community Protection Act, or similar provisions in a local ordinance or other jurisdiction), unless the Department waives such a conviction(s); Places to get fingerprinted can be found here
  • Be at least 18 years of age; Not hold a school bus permit or Commercial Driver’s License; and
  • Not be an active duty law enforcement officer, correctional officer, correctional probation officer, or firefighter.


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