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Menopause: Making Peace With Change

Friday, August 5, 2016

Fertility Friday: Take Care of Your Guy With Vegetables For Dinner For 90 days!

When couples are pregnant they often look to the female for lack of ovulation or blocked uterine tubes, but it can be the guy who needs a fertility push as well! In fact, if borderline abnormalities are included some studies show that as many as 30% of infertility couples will have both partners involved. So there is no better way in getting to that goal of getting pregnant to get both partners healthy. Women are told to begin a prenatal vitamin, but for those with the best diets, particularly those high in vegetarian fair (especially if some foods like breads and oatmeal are fortified a bit) may be the best way to eat to get pregnant. New sperm are generated about every 90 days in men, so if they had health issues that would affect his sperm production have him eating and sleeping well for 3 months and the counts will naturally rise. Men who are the least fertile may have low testosterone accompanying their low sperm production. Signs of low testosterone might include: fatigue, erectile dysfunction,, decreased beard growth, or in severe cases muscle wasting. Other causes of infertility in men may have varicoceles which is a set of dilated blood vessels in the cords leading up to the testicle. The extra blood flow can raise the temperature of the testicle which can lower the sperm production in spite of lifestyle and diet changes.. In many cases the varicocele won't affect the sperm production at all, and the counts will rise with giving him a multivitamin, lowering his alcohol intake, stopping smoking, and good nutrition including Mediterranean diet with a large number of vegetarian only meals which is what works for most men. The same factors that lead to poor pregnancy history, low fertility and higher miscarriage rates in women can produce low sperm production in men: diabetes, hypertesnion, thyroid abnormalities, eating disorders, stress and obesity are among the factors that can affect a male's fertility. Medications can suppress sperm production as well.  So a quick evaluation as a couple and making sure those sperm have a healthy 90 days may be all you need to produce fertility! If you still need more advice come to Women's Health Practice.com

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