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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Least Understood Aspect of Endometriosis: Adenomyosis

In a medical review today, published on line ahead of print, the treatments of for the least known aspect of endometriosis, the condition adenomyosis, is reviewed. Adenomyosis, a name of Greek origin, is a condition whereby the glands of the uterus become trapped deep within the wall of the uterus and produce symptoms. The symptoms of adenomyosis can be variable, but most likely will at least cause heavy painful periods. The diagnosis of adenomyosis used to just be made at hysterectomy, but we have gradually recognized that ultrasound and MRI examinations can determine whether a woman has adenomyosis as the cause of her heavy periods. The condition of adenomyosis could be asymptomatic, and if a woman has no symptoms she does not need treatment. But in a large percentage of cases adenomosis causes the uterus to be enlarged. The uterine enlargement can be from the endometrial glands filling the walls, but also due to blood within those glands. Many treatments have been tried, including those hormonal treatments which suppress the menstrual cycle, including continuous use of oral contraceptive pills, high-dose progestins, selective estrogen receptor modulators, selective progesterone receptor modulators, the levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine device (Mirena or Liletta), aromatase inhibitors, danazol, and gonadotrophin receptor hormone agonists can temporarily induce regression of adenomyosis and improve the symptoms. Newer treatments are emerging, if you wish to participate in a research study of Adenomyosis, please call Women's Health Pr
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