Wellness Wednesday: Over 90% of Women With Bladderr Pain Have a Dietary Trigger

Wandering around the Farmer's Market and looking at those rip tomatoes or citrus fruits it's hard to remember that these are on the list of dietary triggers that are on the list of one of the causes of bladder pain syndromes. Isolated bladder pain may be a UTI, or a vaginal wall problem.  Especially if the pain just began, or your pee is bright red with a bit of blood (UTI, or you are having pain with sex (vaginal wall problem or vaginal infections).. And in some women the vaginal conditions and bladder infections just seem to come creeping back. This could be due to resistant organisms, wrong diagnosis, or incomplete therapy. Bladder pain syndrome is caused by the condition interstitial cystitis, and this is a complex condition for which there are cures.. And when this becomes a syndrome instead of just new onset of pain. Well, recurrent symptoms make one part of the diagnosis of Bladder Pain Syndrome.But one component is easy to correct: bladder triggers. To some extent you have to try diet changes to see how your body responds. In some cases an elimination diet, in some cases modify the amount and frequency of the offending triggers, and in some cases if there is no symptom benefit just eat the foods on the list. However, just to start here is a list of the most common bladder triggers:

1. tomatoes
2. citrus
3. spicy food
4. coffee
5. tea
6. chocolate
7. alcohol
8. artificial sweetners


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