Brain Power From Swimming: Get Out Your Goggles!

When Maya DiRado won the 400 IM at the Olympic Trials, the Stanford Swimmer didn't just turn heads because she was fast 9she was) or beautiful (she is), but she turned heads when the announcer calling her event revealed that at age 15 she had perfect math SAT!  In fact there are others we are watching at #SWIMTRIASLS16 as well: star freestyler Katie Ledecky also a Stanford recruit, and Katie Melli a breaststroker from Columbia, as well as countless others who have speed in the pool and speedy brain processing as well. Their secret weapon of brain power is their secret weapon of competitive speed as well. It's specifically how they train. Exercise has been proven to benefit our heart,our sex life, increase muscle power, shape our shape, and prevent all manner of diseases from hypertension to diabetes to PMS to depression and to Alzheimer's; but now there is medical proof that in fact steady exercise improves brain power.While we have always recommended for fitness that you do three things: stretch, get your heart rate up, and build strength. There is a reason to design your exercise regimen to get the health benefits you want, and that your gyno says you need! Swimming is just that prescription. In a study published in the Journal of Physiology with lead researcher Miriam Nokia reports that a special protein that protects your brain neuron cells is made when you perform certain types of exercise You need to both make and lock in or so called stabilize memories to have brain power. The thoughts then trigger the brain chemicals we talk about so often like noradrenaline and dopamine as well as other factors that modulate nerve signals. Since long and steady aerobic exercise, like swimming lengths, boosts the BDNF factor that stabilizes these factors swimming helps one's brain power. It was even studied to see if you could remember better after an exercise rather than no exercise, in humans, and they could!. So get out your goggles, get in that pool, and boost your brain power!


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