Top Form Tuesday: Beautify For Younger Old Age

The New York Times this past Sunday claimed that "60 was not the new 40" citing all the physiological reasons that we deteriorate over time: muscles weakening, heart capacity decreasing, vision worsening, and even balance decreasing as arches flatten. But, WE all know the truth that '60 is the new 40' is meant to say, we at 60 are as vital and robust as those at 40 were decades ago.  Now medical science definitely has shown that there are glaring flaws to this logic for those who are obese or smokers or depressed, or socioeconomically deprived. Thus population studies definitely show that as a nation, the health report card can be improved. The article goes on to say that Botox to wrinkles won't hide the aging within. But medical research and the practice of anti-aging health care has shown time and time again that everything we do to look vital has a positive effect on other health behaviors that make us vital. Botox patients use more sun screen to preserve the effects of their expenditures, those who use sun screen get less skin cancer. Cool Sculpting patients stay on low fat diets and are less likely to get heart disease and less likely to have the vascular disease that leads to cognitive and memory decline. Those who aim to be sexually pleasing and sexually functional with vaginal rejuvenation with Platelet Rich Plasma Therapies and MonaLisa Touch are more likely, with or without sex,  keeps their pelvic floor and bladder healthier. So when seeking out your primary care health provider, talk about disease screening, but don't forget to focus on what your health can be you have, and continue to, followed pursuit of youth: you can both look younger, be physically more vigorous, think better, and yes, possibly, live longer.


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