Sexy, Healthy Skin

Vision is often as emotional as it is physiological! We can be trained to see certain details, and then, ironically, too much familiarity makes us not see the detail either! Often this is true about peering in the mirror at our skin. Physicians are often dismayed at how the healthy color of sunshine gets morphed into leathery and aged skin that is at higher risk of skin cancer, but the patient may still see youthful bronze they desire. In others mistakes in health can cause broken blood vessels and other damage yet what the patient sees is a healthy glow of exercise, which they think is the pink and red in their cheeks. If you want to have sexy, healthy, skin here there some basic health problemsn you may want to correct. If you make any of these skin mistakes you are not likely doing what you can for your skin.

The top causes of skin damage:

1. Sun Damage
2. Smoking or smoke exposure
3. Lack of Exercise
4. Too much sugar in your diet
5. Too much salt in your diet
6. Lack of sleep
7. Diet devoid of anti-oxidants
8. Lack of water intake
9. Lack of immune boosts (deficient in omega-3s, vitamin A)
10. Emotional stress 


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