Fitness Friday: Coolsculpting Helps Dieters Retain Weight Loss Eliminating Fat Helps Eliminate the Factors That Keep You Fat

CoolSculpting will help dieters loose weight, as well as retain weight loss by eliminating fat cells which contain hormones that make us stay overweight and obese., The science of obesity has gradually brought to focus that there are hormonal ways that medicines and chemicals in our environment that disrupt our health in ways that make us fat. In the early 1990s we first discovered the regulator hormone of our fat, leptin, and at the same time we first developed the term 'endocrine disruptor." In the case of molecules, often exposed to from our environment, these disruptors can alter our fat cells,and the hormone control of fat cells, chemically drive us to increase fat retention, and even change how hungry we feel and what foods we eat. Those who are obese do have more fat cells, and it will always be a challenge for them to lose weight and keep weight off. The fat cells, obviously, store fat. The more cells you have, the more you store fat. If you have gained significant weight, you have increased your fat cells, and before the recent research development we have never had a way to actually destroy fat cells. Thus destroying fat cells will decrease your ability to ever store fat, and decrease the metabolic drive to retain fat. Basic dieting causes weight to regain because fat cells are shrunk, never destroyed. Coolsculpting will destroy fat cells, and contributes to helping you maintain weight loss.


  1. Do you recommend baby aspirin to postmenopausal women with a family history of cancer?

  2. Aspirin use to prevent cancer may work. There are many large, well done trials, that have shown effectiveness, but many have failed to show effectiveness. USPSTF does not recommend aspirin use for cancer prevention. There are other good reasons to use aspirin for prevention of cardiovascular disease. There are many strategies to prevent gynecologic cancers in women. What we usually recommend discussing personal risk factors, all the ways to prevent cancer, and then coming up with a general strategy. For some women that would include aspirin use.


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