Wednesday Women's Health News: Contraception Working Overtime!

Women have had more and more choices when it comes to contraception, and the new news is that many women can successfully use their contraception even past the FDA approved duration with continued great success. We have found that both the Nexplanon implant, and the IUDs are both very effective, and a 2015 study published in OBSTETRICS and GYNECOLOGY  they have been shown to be effective for two extra years after their expiration date. The data is very good for longer effectiveness, but questions remain before actually recommending that our patients depart from standard recommendations!

And... if the condom breaks, or you have not yet gotten effective longer term contraction and have had unprotected sex and want to prevent pregnancy it is important to know that you can use either of the approved medications for up to 5 days after having sex, and that a ParaGard IUD insertion is a viable method of emergency contraception as well.  But even the WHO  says that about 1/10 women don't think of getting or taking Emergency Contraception or the so called Morning After pill until that time has already passed. It is also important for women to realize that the treatment with the medications doesn't harm an existing pregnancy. The approved  Plan B method was designed to be given in the first 72 hours, however it can work for up to the 5 days, so this is also your contraception working overtime! If you want to make it easy, you can buy Plan B over the counter, and it is still necessary to contact your gyno if you want an IUD or Ella.  At the same time you see your gyno, discuss a longer term contraceptive.  Contraception is good health for women in so many ways, your Gyno Gab gal thinks that affordable, safe and effective methods of  contraception are available and important for women.


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