Scholarly Sunday: Urinary Tract Infection Research and Avoiding Antibiotics!

Many women who have had a urinary tract infection report that it has not always been easy to treat and required more therapy. Others who have had a urinary tract infection didn't necessarily need a a second round of antibiotics  to resolve the infection, but are just concerned whenever they have to take antibiotics. It may be possible to treat uncomplicated urinary tract infections without antibiotics, although some may have a relapse after the treatment is supposed to have concluded. It is though that the bacteria causing these infections are getting better at resisting these antibiotics, so one solution is to use antibiotics less so the bacteria cannot develop resistance. A large study of urinary tract infections has shown that antibiotic resistance has been a significant problem in the past ten years. A group of researchers from Germany has approached this in a very unique way, and decided to see if they could cure these infections without antibiotic use at all, in fact they used ibuprofen. The dosage they used was 3 400mg doses a day for three days. Only 2/3 patients were able to be cured without additional antibiotics. Although the ibuprofen group, compared to the antibiotic group, was a bir more likely tho get pylonephritis (upper tract infection, including kidney infection), before the infection was cured, they all responded to the treatment. Many physicians are not yet ready to treat this way. But gynos are applauding research that will lead to the most responsible use of antibiotics possible!


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