Monday: Menstrual Cycle News Of New Uterine Ablation Technology

The Minerva System has been developed as a new uterine ablation technology to treat women with heavy menstrual periods who also are no longer trying for pregnancy.Previously available uterine ablation technology included NovaSure , balloon procedures, cryotherapy, rollerball ablations, or heated water therapies. NovaSure had out performed all the systems until now the Minerva system has updated the technology of the NovaSure for a better ablation. Causes of heavy periods ore many including problems with the uterus, with the cervix, with medications, with the ovary, and there are bleeding problems of other organs that one may mistake for heavy uterine bleeding (including the urethra, the vagina, the vulva, or the rectum. These problems may be non-cancerous conditions or diseases, infections, cancers,bleeding disorders, nutritional disorders, or problems related to pregnancy. Most often simple testing can help sort out the cause, to see if in fact a woman is eligible for an endometrial ablation. At home you can do your part for diagnosis if you keep track of your cycles and keep track of how many heavy days you actually have. You can also track any changes in diet, exercise, or medications (including herbals).  Note endometrial ablation procedures are not contraception nor do they offer protection against sexually transmitted infections, and you will need to discuss with your gyno what options are the best for your protection against pregnancy and STIs.



  1. A reader asks:" Hi. I came across you when googling, hoping to get some answers. I am 44 years old. I had an ablation done on 7-12-17. It has now been 15 days and my stomach is very distended. I've had a tummy tuck and liposuction done in 2010. My stomach since then has been very flat even if I gain weight I never put it on in my stomach. Im so depressed. Had I known this was a side effect I would of never went through with it. Can you offer any advice, solutions, or why it's doing this?" The endometrial ablation treatment is designed for treating only the uterus and it is most likely there is a GI or other cause for any long term abdominal symptoms. The healing process can easily take 6 weeks, and the release of uterine prostaglandins can have the effect of some bloating that is temporary. Please see your surgeon for further advice.


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