Fitness Friday: Mediterranean Diet to Save Your Hips

The newest data on the Mediterranean diet shows bones are healthier on this diet. This study was published in JAMA on line, and is based on looking at diet components of 93,000+ women in the Women's Health Initiative. In this study women who had the highest adherence to the type of foods in the Mediterranean diet had the lowest risk of hip fracture. Data has also shown that the Mediterranean diet  can protect against breast cancer protection as well as being good for your heart, your kidneys, and your brain.This study was fascinating because it compared just adding a few nuts to your basic diet, or going low fat. But specifically a Mediterranean Diet helped protect against breast cancer in post menopausal white women who were at high risk for cardiovascular disease. The study does have some limitations for what women can apply to their own health. But the data has been accumulating for many years that eating a Mediterranean diet is the best diet for many people. There are so many good sources of information on how to convert to this sort of eating, but here is one simple link you can look at for what your plate should look like.


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