Top Form Tuesday: Maximizing Your Gynecologic Health: Word Searching? Test Your Estrogen Levels

Is it time for a test, perhaps you have to remember a lot of names in your job, perhaps you are just frustrated you cannot remember places and stories the way you used to? This might mean you are lo in estrogen and perhaps treating with estrogen might make a difference. Your gyno may still be trying to debate with you as to whether estrogen is good for your brain, bad for your brain, or critical for your brain. Gynos also realize that hormone therapy is not equivalent to the effects on the brain of natural levels of estrogen prior to menopausal age. Women report less facile thinking in menopause, and all signs point to a critical role of estrogen in the function of the female brain. There are five important research findings that support the fact that estrogen is important for our brain, as reported in the January 2016 issue of Menopause:
  • Longer life estrogen affects the ability of cognition in later life including the age of puberty, the numbers of children with breast feeding, and the age of menopause
  • Attention and memory decline with menopause
  • Tamoxifen, an anti-estrogen, decreases the thought processes of verbal fluency and memory
  • Hormone therapy helps memory and thinking
  • Primate studies indicate thinking is best during the follicular (estrogen) phase of the menstrual cycle. 
Estrogen can be tested, and your gyno can evaluate where you are on the continuum of  perimenopause and menopause, and perhaps there can be a solution if you want to function better!


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