Minerva Has Technological Advances that Improve on Currently Available Ablations

Endometrial ablations are designed for women who no longer want children, and want a long term and non-medicated solution to heavy menstrual bleeding. The devices have been improving since the technology was first explored in the late 1970s and the early 1980s. The concept is to use thermal damage to the uterine lining so that there is no monthly regeneration of the lining. Thus, regardless of the ovarian hormonal cycles, there is no build up the the lining, and thus menstrual periods are halted. Although this is not a contraceptive method, the uterus is no longer hospitable to a developing egg and thus it is very unlikely a woman will be fertile after an endometrial ablation The procedures done are very successful, and have been able to treat a wide range of gynecologic patients, but the new Minerva device feels they have improved the design with accompanying increase in success. Prior to the development of the new Minerva device, the Thermachoice device was the first device that used heated fluid to distribute the energy to the uterine lining. the NovaSure device has been the most successful endometrial ablation technology to date, and has a great safety record as well. The NovaSure device does a check of the placement, and this innovation increased the safety significantly. The endometrial ablation techniques can be done in the office or in an outpatient surgical setting to increase the comfort and lower the cost while maintaining safety for patients. The exact technology available will vary, and most women will have a successful therapy regardless. First be sure you are having your heavy bleeding evaluated so that you are giving yourself the best chance for successful therapy. If you have had a hysterectomy recommended, you may want to see what your alternatives actually are.


  1. Hi there, you have mentioned in two articles I have read that Minerva is an improvement upon the NovaSure system of endometrial ablation, but you haven't mentioned why. Could you elaborate on why, please?

  2. Endometrial ablations to be successful depend on accurate delivery of heat, ease of use for the providers, adequate checks and balances. Although very similar devices, the Minerva offers some technological improvements that have enabled more women to be successfully treated from groups of endometrial ablation patients.


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