As Big A Role in Women's Health Tampons Play, In The Future They May Become Our Source of Stem Cells

Invented in 1933, the tampon is almost universally used by all women at some time. But for women who have monthly period the costs can be high, some women say this is in part due to unfair taxation. This by what of what is known as a Tampon Tax. Whether you believe in this tax or night, light  the media has shed on 'tampon tax' has highlighted the issues of tampon use most women don't think about. Tampons are taxed, as are most actual medical supplies, like a band aid. Medications are not taxed, and some are arguing that tampons are a health necessity and shouldn't be taxed. Some female reporters are feeling that the tampon tax twitter feed is not right and the tax is fair, so not every one agrees.  Tampons can prevent stress incontinence. Stem cell sources are potentially abundant and for women: monthly! Their uses are not ubiquitous, but its getting more and more likely that some day you will use your stem cells. It really is more effective if you could just savesaving menstrual blood rather than tampons. and is an idea. Not really possible for those having menstrual suppression so they don't have regular monthly cycles.We've gabbed about our cycles and what to have in the way of regular periods before, in actually several posts. I'm still advocating we gab and follow this topic rather than leap. But for the right woman, or the right family, it's a huge advance.


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