Warming Weather Will Awaken Mosquitos and Their Diseases

Sanitation, irrigation, public campaigns, pesticides, pavement of the cities and many other urban advances have protected Americans from diseases, and the knowledge of mosquito born disease. For many of us it's the annoying bites we have to deal with during backyard summer cookouts or gardening, or in some cases the medicines we take to protect our selves if we are lucky enough to venture to the exotic parts of the world that also, unfortunately, have malaria.

Now we are hearing about the newly discovered Zika virus, we are reminded about the many mosquito born diseases we have not though about for decades, if ever. The Zika virus poses an especially large threat to pregnant women. We read articles in the news on almost a daily basis regarding the evidence linking the Zika virus to fetal harm. The latest article on the BBC suggests that research points to strong links between the Zika virus and fetal harm, but it is not yet entirely conclusive. More research and studies will surely follow, but regardless, we suggest applying mosquito repellant when out in warm weather (particular near areas of standing water where mosquitos tend to congregate). Pregnant women should take extra precautions and as always discuss concerns with your doctor.

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