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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

This Growth on Your Cervix is Not Serious.

Nabothian cysts are blister like structures on the surface of the cervix. If you felt your cervix and you had one or more Nabothian cysts you would probably feel it (them), but you wouldn't necessarily know what you are feeling and would need to speak to your gyno to confirm this is what you felt. In this ultrasound picture the small dark oval seen within the cervix is a Nabothian cyst. The medical term is epidermal inclusion cyst. 

Most Nabothian cysts are only the size of a pea or smaller, rarely they are very large, the size of a marble or grape. The cyst shown in the picture on the right depicts a cyst that is approximately the size of a pea. If you felt your cervix and had a cyst this size, it might feel like a small lump on the surface of your cervix. Most women will not have or develop Nabothian cysts until after they are sexually active, have a child, or get older. These cysts are not harmful, and rarely require any therapy. Most physicians can tell what a Nabothian cyst is just by looking at the cervix, and there are not many conditions in which a Nabothian cyst would be harmful. It is possible to get blisters from infections, such as Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV), but those blisters would typically be very painful, and test positive for the Herpes Virus on culture. Additionally, the blisters from HSV would heal, whereas Nabothian Cysts, once present, are relatively stable over time. 

Other growths can be from polyps, warts, fibroids, tumors, or ulcers.  Unless you are having pain, unusual bleeding, discharge no special testing needs to be done when you are diagnosed with a Nabothian Cyst. If a woman has pain or pressure from a very large Nabothian cyst it can be drained.  If any growth obstructs the flow of menstrual blood then fluid or infection can back up into the uterus, but that is not common.

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