The Antibiotic That Proves Forteo Works Against Osteoporosis

Bone health is critical. The better your bones are as a youth the less treatment you need to avoid fractures as you age. The currently available treatments will prevent about 50% of fractures, and most do it by strengthening the structure of bone and not by adding new bone. One treatment does add new bone and we have been able to prove that it does by tracing antibiotic uptake in the bone! We avoid tetracycline in pregnant women and in young babies because it gets incorporated into bone and can cause tooth disfigurement and other bone changes. But given in tiny dosages we can  prove bone building from a menopausal osteoporosis therapy. Tetracycline was given (to a small select group) of menopausal patients who have osteoporosis.  New research on the parathyroid hormone treatment Forteo, generic name teriparatide, uses the tetracycline treatment to definitely show that new bone definitely forms after Forteo treatment. Forteo treatment is the only bone forming treatment for menopausal osteoporosis patients, although the other treatments can prevent fractures without specifically formoing the new bone. Forteo is only used for two years, no more, due to bone cancers in animal studies. It is important to remember than in animal studies of female rats given 3-60 times the dosage that we normal prescribe in human. The most important first steps are calcium and vitamin D intake as well as weight bearing exercise, then get tested, and get in to your gyno to discuss if and when you need treatment.


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