Prevention Breakthrough Targeting Sexually Transmitted HIV in Women

Condoms have been the primary defense against sexually transmitted diseases. Spermacide has also been shown to have protection, if used in the right amount and frequently enough, to achieve an effective concentration to be able to kill bacteria and viruses before they can infect a woman. And gradually we have seen other products being developed that would be both spermacidal (kill sperm) and microbicidal (kill bacteria). Two research studies on a vaginal ring that would contain a medication that would be able to inactivate the HIV virus are underway. The
trial is called ASPIRE   A Study to Prevent Infection with a Ring for Extended Use with investigator Jared Baeten, MD, from the University of Washington in Seattle with his team, and  Annalene Nel, MD,head of the international branch of the study in South Africa called the International Partnership for Microbicides. This medication is not a contraceptive and would have to be used with a contraceptive, and is not thought to provide levels of medication that would prevent other methods of HIV transmission. Getting appropriate STI testing and early intervention is still our best strategy for staying healthy, so if you have a new partner, or your partner has a new partner, please see your physician for evaluation.


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