Older Moms Wise But Do Face Stroke Risk

Older moms are wiser moms, in that we all gain wisdom as we age; but older mothers are known to face more physical challenges during pregnancy. We've even asked how old is too old to have a baby? Older fathers do have increased rate of abnormal sperm, but we've not shown any health risk to dad for being older Post-delivery there are long term health considerations. We have focused on some of the positives, even an older mom who breastfeeds will lower her risk of breast cancer. And there has been a lot of discussion about post partum health risks and benefits for all moms. Some even say we ‘lose a tooth for each baby’ meaning that without proper calcium, vitamin D and exercise bone health is compromised by being pregnant and breastfeeding. And now there is a new study presented at International Stroke Conference (ISC) 2016 that has shown that women who birth a child at age 40 years or older have a greater risk for hemorrhagic stroke later in life than younger moms. The strokes these patients had were the bleeding type, the risk of having a stroke from a blood clot is reduced in women on low dose aspirin. Muhammad Fareed Suri, MD, stroke director at St Cloud Hospital, Minnesota, who presented the study was quoted to say that their findings were very early and too early to make any medical decisions at this point in time based on this study alone." For more on risks of heart disease and stroke, speak to your gyno, or check the American Heart Association website.


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