OB-GYNs Celebrated During Black History Month

While Dr. Ben Carson, political discussions aside, is probably the most celebrated of all black physicians and with February being Black History month it gives us a chance to celebrate the contributions of those physicians and others who have contributed to medicine and in the general field of obstetrics and gynecology.

Black physicians who's lives matter through history have made significant contributions to the lives of women and children, but still remain relatively unknown. Dr. James McCune Smith was thought to be the first African American physician in the unitied states and he practiced in the mid 1800s. Although an internist by trade he often took care of children in the orphanage where he worked and was known as a vaccine champion. Here at the University of Illinois College of Medicine one of those unsung hero was Dr. Helen O. Dickens, the only female who graduated from her class of 1934. She was a pioneer of pap smear testing as well as other causes and had an illustrious career in medicine.

Let's celebrate Black History Month together! If you have other ob-gyns to add, please do in the comments! We love to hear from you. 


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