Fetility Friday News Extra! First Uterus Transplant in America !

ABC world news reported on the first uterus transplant performed in America! Since the story broke on 2/25, another news story was released today (2/26) regarding what this means for women. So, what does it mean for fertility? It means that women who have been born with out a uterus or don't have a uterus could potentially become pregnant some day after this transplant is performed.They will still need to have significant fertility help to become a mom, and the way the surgery is performed they will be treated with IVF to become pregnant.  Although with other research teams generating created organs by synthetic means, some day we may solve the problem of rejection in transplanted organs, for now rejection is still an issue. Women who receive a transplanted uterus have to take rejection medication in order to maintain the health of the transplanted organ. Unlike a kidney which is necessary for continuing life forever, the uterine transplants are designed to just be used long enough for the woman to bear children, and then again it will be removed so that the rejection medications can be stopped. The ethics of this type of research are being debated. Currently they are estimating that 50,000 women in the US are candidates for this type of surgery, but one has to wonder if other women would select hysterectomy if they knew there was a potential for successful pregnancies of their own in the future. Many courageous scientists, physicians, and women have dedicated themselves to getting to this point. This research actually began with animal experimentation in the late 1800s, and in 1930 it was attempted in a transgender woman. Without rejection medications the woman died months after receiving the organ. In Oct 2014, the first successful pregnancy in the world after a uterine transplant occurred, and we eagerly await the news that the new uterus will be growing a baby in the US! And all of these are candidates to add to the list of dates that have revolutionized women's health.


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