Bipolar Disorder in Pregnancy

The trailer of Touched With Fire #touchedwithfire was just released! In this movie, Katie Homes #katiehomes plays the role of a 37 year old who has bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder has both manic and hypomanic episodes. You can find a very specific definition of bipolar disorder at APA.
Bipolar disease affects approximately 5.5 million americans. Using this statistic, we know there are bound to be a number of women affected by bipolar who may want to become or are already pregnant. Many pregnant women assume they can't take a medicine. Here is a statistic from the ACOG bulliten, "psychotropic drugs are taken by 21 - 35 percent of pregnant patients." If you are diagnosed with or suspect you have bipolar disorder, it is time to talk to your birth provider about what medication is or isn't safe to take during pregnancy. Gyno's applaud Katie Homes and the producers of Touched with Fire for bringing this disease to the forefront. #bipolar #pregnancy #medicationinpregnancy


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