Sex and the Self

Sex can help us feel better, lose weight, get closer as a couple, and some studies have even linked sex to better sports performances. But there is a new trend in self realization that takes into consideration how you actually feel about those 'parts.' Medically the term has arisen, a bit graphically termed, Genital Self Image is those self-definition, self-attitudes and feeling which arise from interactions and experiences which directly or indirectly involve...well
your genitals. Some have defined genital self image as the way a woman feel about the size, shape, odor and function of her genitals. Of course some of these sensitivities may be well grounded: you are healthy, you know it and you express it it. Or perhaps some of the feelings are not well grounded: you think there is something wrong, and in fact your just need reassurance from your gyno that there really is nothing wrong. Bottom line, in the bedroom or in the boardroom: If you feel good about yourself you will perform better sexually. Feeling good may mean improving your digestion, standing up taller, being in better cardio shape, or just pat on the back proud for finishing something you really wanted to accomplish.


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