Newest Compound Being Tested For Vaginal Health

With such a large percent of menopausal women experiencing feminine symptoms, newer compounds are always welcome to be able to address all the concerns women have. The newest compound to be tested ins one called Vagitocin, which is a vaginal oxytocin therapy. Most women are familiar with oxytocin's use in labor as the medication pitocin, but it has a direct effect when used in the vagina. The vaginal symptoms that gynos most want to treat include experience vaginal dryness, irritation, burning, itching or discomfort, and painful sex. The biggest contributor to painful sex is vaginal atrophy or vaginal thinning, drying and becoming less elastic. Vaginal atrophy is a consequence of the lining tissue of the vagina becoming thinner, drier, and less elastic due to the lack of estrogen. Since estrogen lack causes these symptoms estrogen therapy can resolve the condition in the right dosage, however both side effects and adverse effects can affect a woman's ability to tolerate or be a candidate for estrogens. .Oxytocin is a peptide hormone, which, in addition to being an integral part of birthing is responsible for aiding milk let down in breast feeding.  Whether it normally has a role in keeping menopausal tissues healthy is not yet well worked out. But when given vaginally for a week there is pilot study data that this can work like estrogen, or like MonaLisa Touch therapy, on the vaginal wall to renew the tissues. For more information regarding vaginal changes, refer to the book Make Peace With Change.


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