Antiphospholipid Syndrome in Pregnancy

As medical testing has become more available and accurate we are diagnosing more women with autoimmune diseases one of which is the condition that is called antiphospholipid syndrome.. It is a condition that is known to lead to miscarriages, small babies, the hypertensive disease preeclampsia, stillbirth and preterm birth. The actual cause of pregnancy problems is linked to problems with the placenta and up to 70% of all pregnancies in women with this will miscarry if not treated properly. Women with antiphospholipid syndrome will produce that produce microscopic sized blood clots in the blood vessels of the placenta that in turn produces the pregnancy complications. Having antiphospholipid syndrome also produces risk of blood clots in mom during and after pregnancy and requires treatment in most cases.


  1. Courtney writes: 'm 27 years old and I have a 4 year old and I've miscarried twice since October 8 2015. I just got over my last one, 2 weeks ago. And my last miscarriage lasted almost 3 weeks, it was sooooo much worse than the first. But anyway, the last few days I've thought I was getting my period but all that's coming out is a wet pink substance when I wipe, sometimes, my main concern is the pieces of pink tissue I keep seeing everytime I go to flush the toilet. I'm probably crazy for even asking you all this but I'm concerned. And I don't have insurance or money for a doctor. And ER's are pointless. So idk what to do. If you can help me please let me know, thank you.

    We emphasize that medical care involves directly interacting with a health care provider. While miscarriages are common, and typically self resolving serious conditions may appear to be a miscarriage that are not. This includes: infections, tubal pregnancies, and cancerous conditions. Women who have symptoms that involve unusual bleeding or pain need to be evaluated for what is serious.


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