Widdening Waistlines is Likely a Lack of Estrogen

Estrogen levels in a female are directly related to the fat in our waistline and around our gut. This is actually seen in research studies of menopausal women and some premenopausal women with health issues who have chronically low estrogen levels. Short term fluctuations in estrogen levels probably are not as important on weight or waistlines as long term disturbances or permanently entered into menopause. Healthy and slim premenopausal women do not seem to be as effected, at least by short periods of time of the estrogen deprivation. In addition to the fat accumulation, there is corresponding bone loss and muscle mass loss making one's body composition vastly different, and this in turn contributes to the slowing of metabolism. If the fat accumulation leads to obesity then obesity related fat accumulation in the diet increases the risk of complications such as diabetes, coronary artery disease and hypertension.


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